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The Value of “Keller Fay” Scores: Word of Mouth as a Key Performance Indicator Landmark Study on the ROI of Word of Mouth Takes Spotlight at Social Media WeekAt this year’s 7th annual Social Media Week in New York City, the “ROI of WOM: A First Look at WOMMA’s Return on WOM Study” was a highlighted event. And Brad Fay was one of the panelists sharing his insights. Until now, there has been no major independent study quantifying word of mouth’s impact across categories. This study, using sophisticated market mix modeling, provides much needed evidence that word of mouth’s impact on sales is significant. Keller Fay Group provided all of the offline data for this unique and progressive study. The key questions answered by the study are: •    How much of a brand’s sales are driven by word of mouth (WOM)? •    Does WOM amplify marketing, and if so, by how much? •    How do the impacts of ...Read More

Brad Fay, COO of Keller Fay to Report on WOM Study Findings #SM2015 –Brad Fay, COO of Keller Fay to Report on WOM Study FindingsFor more than a decade, social media has been an enormously important and growing marketing channel. However, marketers have been unhappy with their ability to link social media marketing to business outcomes, as revealed in a new CMO survey by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Today, that changes. We finally have the proof that shows social media drives sales. Don’t miss our panel where you can discover the details of a major study organized by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Social Media Week, an annual conference that attracts thousands of attendees across six continents, gives people the opportunity to explore the impact of social media from a social, cultural and economic perspective. During the conference, as you’re making connections and absorbing innovative discussions and ideas, make sure to attend ...Read More

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