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When it Comes to New TV Shows, Word of Mouth Still RulesA new research study from Viacom reveals that word of mouth (WOM) still rules when it comes to how viewers discover the latest television shows and how they shares their recommendations. Colleen Fahey Rush, the chief research officer and executive vice president at Viacom unveiled the news at the Next TV Summit & Expo San Francisco. She stated that 90% of Viacom study respondents (ages 13-44) say they discover their next “must-see” television show through WOM. Mark Robichaux, the editor in chief and moderator of Multichannel News interviewed Fahey Rush during a keynote Q&A session at the trade show. It was at this venue where Fahey Rush joined Robichaux to speak on the topic of WOM and recent research conclusions from the Viacom study called, “Getting with the Program.” In ...Read More

Quantifying the Sales Impact of Word of Mouth (WOM): A Case Study With AT&TMarketers are investing in social media and word of mouth marketing, trying to find the right combination of earned-owned-paid media that will drive business results. Yet a key challenge they face is knowing how to effectively measure the return on investment (ROI) on the earned part of the equation. Is word of mouth a “nice to have” or does it drive sales? The Keller Fay Group helps marketers to understand the impact of their marketing investments from a WOM perspective.   Keller Fay recently partnered with AT&T Mobility to share with the industry a case study about the business impact of WOM, and how it compares to other key performance indicators such as ad spending. The results show that “word of mouth is a powerful and statistically significant sales driver.” ...Read More

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