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Seizing the Social Opportunity Seizing the Social OpportunityAt the ‘Impact 2015′ conference, the annual conference of the (UK) Market Research Society, Steve Thomson spoke about the importance of the rise of social media, seizing the social opportunity, and what to look out for. Thomson spoke about the importance of robust and holistic measurement in order for brands to maximize their social impact and relevance. He also warned against assessing brand advocacy purely via the Net Promoter Score and encouraged brands to track actual advocacy rather than potential advocacy. “Real life is messy,” he said. “People don’t always live up to their NPS billing.” Similarly, actual impressions were more valuable than potential reach figures, and sentiment – while difficult to measure – was essential to understanding not just what was being said about a brand but also what ...Read More

The Guardian and Keller Fay team up to track word of mouth about UK’s 2015 General ElectionCovering in-person, phone & online conversations about 7 GB parties Research indicates that word of mouth – consumers’ conversations in person, by phone or via online channels – has a clear impact on behaviour. In politics, the views of friends, family and work colleagues can influence voting choices and potentially affect outcomes in tight races. For #GE2015, Keller Fay is teaming up with The Guardian to track the volume and nature of conversation about all main GB parties and issues, covering discussions in-person, via social media, phone and other channels. Keller Fay has previously tracked WOM regarding US Presidential election candidates (in 2008 and 2012). In 2012, positive WOM for Barack Obama signaled a more comfortable win for the incumbent than the pre-election opinion polls suggested (http://www.kellerfay.com/obama-dominates-conversations-in-days-before-the-election-both-in-quantity-quality/) For the UK, ...Read More

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