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Soft Drink Brands in 2011 – 2013 “Pepsi Passes Diet Coke in Market Share,” a Shift Foreshadowed by Word of MouthEven with the help of Taylor Swift appearing in commercials, Diet Coke no longer reigns as the nation’s No. 2 soda brand. Pepsi has retaken the second slot behind Coca-Cola. Ad Age, citing a recent report by Beverage Digest, says Diet Coke lost 6.6% volume in 2014, which dropped it to third place in terms of market share. This is attributed to consumers flocking less to diet drinks and as a result changing tastes and health concerns, according to the Beverage Digest report. Among the top 10 soda brands, diet brands performed poorly in comparison to regular brands. In addition to Diet Coke’s decline, Diet Pepsi — the seventh leading soft drink brand — lost 5.2% volume, the second biggest decline after Diet Coke. Fanta saw the biggest gain, shooting ...Read More

Seizing the Social Opportunity Seizing the Social OpportunityAt the ‘Impact 2015′ conference, the annual conference of the (UK) Market Research Society, Steve Thomson spoke about the importance of the rise of social media, seizing the social opportunity, and what to look out for. Thomson spoke about the importance of robust and holistic measurement in order for brands to maximize their social impact and relevance. He also warned against assessing brand advocacy purely via the Net Promoter Score and encouraged brands to track actual advocacy rather than potential advocacy. “Real life is messy,” he said. “People don’t always live up to their NPS billing.” Similarly, actual impressions were more valuable than potential reach figures, and sentiment – while difficult to measure – was essential to understanding not just what was being said about a brand but also what ...Read More

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