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Why Super Bowl Parties Create Enormous WOM Advertising OpportunitiesLike many Americans, we spent last Sunday crowded around the television. Football – and especially the Super Bowl – is not just a team sport. It’s a team viewing event as well. Many of us attended parties and watched the game along with family and friends. But how does this type of co-viewing impact our engagement with this year’s commercials? With the cost of a 30-second commercial at $5 million, the answer to this question matters quite a bit. Possibly the oldest form of distraction for TV audiences is simply other people in the same room. When people watch television together, there’s a good chance that during commercial breaks people may decide to chat among themselves about something else— the latest family news or upcoming vacation plans. Co-Viewing Audiences Pay ...Read More

The Extraordinary Marketing Value of Everyday InfluencersIn marketing and advertising, the image typically conjured of an “influencer” is that of a celebrity or person with a large following on social media. But here at Keller Fay Group, we imagine a much different type of influencer. In our experience, an influencer is best defined as “a person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace.” This means that an influencer does not have to be a celebrity, or even a blogger with a huge platform, though those two types of people certainly have influence. Our research demonstrates that everyday people have a tremendous impact on the decisions consumers make in the marketplace. In fact, they can have a greater influence than a celebrity, the CEO of a company or ...Read More

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