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Keller Fay Research Supports – Social-TV Study: Twitter Wins While Watching, But …In an era in which social discussion about TV is readily accessible through a quick hashtag search, much of the information showing connections between TV and Twitter or Facebook may seem less-than-scientific. New data from the Council for Research Excellence measuring the effects of promotions, social-media posts and word-of-mouth is anything but. And some of the results might seem a little counter-intuitive, especially to social-media boosters. Among the results: Based on self-reporting by those studied, Offline communications and Facebook had more influence on likelihood to watch something when participants were not watching TV. But, as many multi-screen addicts know, Twitter and text messaging had a bigger impact while study respondents were watching TV. “When viewing, one is already engaged and this leads to both higher likelihood of viewing and communications,” ...Read More

Image Courtsey: mediapost.com Analytic Partners, Keller Fay, Converseon Team To Integrate Social, WOMLooking to cement an effort around the integration of online social media and offline word-of-mouth marketing data, a new partnership has formed among three companies — Analytic Partners, Keller Fay Group and Converseon. The partnership combines offline word-of-mouth research and online social media data. Some initial findings of this combined effort were released in November 2014, sponsored by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) in partnership with several major brands, including AT&T, Discovery Communications, Intuit, PepsiCo and Weight Watchers. The effort focuses on categories including telecommunications, food, beverage, software, personal services and television through online and offline consumer conversations and recommendations. Among the findings, the results revealed that on average, word of mouth drives 13% of consumer sales (or an estimated $6 trillion annually in the U.S.), and can significantly ...Read More

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