Back-to-school means student shopping sprees for impressive first day of school outfits. In honor of the ‘dress to impress’ season upon us, here at Engagement Labs we released our TotalSocialTM rankings of the most social retail apparel brands based on online and offline conversation.   The rankings had many in the retail industry buzzing, but particularly caught the attention of Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). Our Chief Research Officer, Brad Fay, sat down with WWD to discuss the rankings, how athleisure brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok secured their top rankings and what these rankings can teach retailers. What were some insights from WWD’s talk with our CRO? They were really interested in the heavy hitters – athletic brands such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok. Of the top five retailers, Victoria’s

August 16, 2016 by Steve Olenski, Oracle – Modern Marketing Blog Last week I told CMOs what they need to know about back-to-school shoppers. This week, it’s a lesson that transcends all CMOs, be they B2C or B2B. Let’s get started. You in the back, sit up straight. I see you back there. I realize it’s your first day back to school and I realize you’ve been chief marketing officer’ing for a while now and you thought you were done with school and all that. But the fact is all of us — CMOs or not, should always be learning. So seeing this is back-to-school season for many around the country and world, I figured what better time for a lesson. Perhaps this lesson is more of a reminder for some. That’s

It’s official… Here at Engagement Labs we have launched our new and groundbreaking TotalSocialTM measurement solution in the US and the UK! We’re thrilled to share with you the world’s first ever measurement solution to measure ALL consumer conversations – both online AND offline. And we’re not the only ones excited for the launch of TotalSocial. Adweek was extremely interested to hear about our new product and what it can offer marketers and brands. Our President, Ed Keller, sat down with Adweek to discuss how offline conversation is a huge driver of sales and the importance for brands to track both online and offline conversation to have a TotalSocial perspective. READ THE EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE HERE For more information on TotalSocial™ or to request a demo, visit  For sales contact us

Providing First Ever Integrated Metrics of Online + Offline Brand Conversations ESPN, Amazon and Nordstrom Rank Among the Top TotalSocial Brands in the U.S. TORONTO, ON – August 9, 2016 – Consumer conversation is a proven driver of sales. In fact, word of mouth conversation is responsible for $6 trillion in annual consumer spending and is a key driver of marketing ROI. Of that, one third of the sales impact is from online conversation, while two thirds is attributed to offline conversation. Only by looking at online and offline together can you get a true picture of what consumers are saying and how it is helping or hurting a brand. To help marketers tap into the full power of consumer conversation, regardless of where they occur, technology and data company

Innovative Measurement Solution to Measure the Totality of All Brand Conversations Adidas, Boots and Netflix Rank Among the Top TotalSocial Brands in the UK LONDON, UK – August 9, 2016 – Consumer conversation — both in-person and online — is a proven driver of sales. In fact, word-of-mouth conversation is responsible for a huge amount of annual consumer spending. In the U.S., around one third of the sales impact is from online conversation, while two thirds are attributed to offline conversation (i.e. word of mouth), and all evidence suggests the UK pattern is similar. Many marketers today overweigh the perceived value of online conversation, when in reality, examining both online and offline together reveals the entire picture of how consumer conversation actually impacts a brand. To help marketers better understand

How would you feel if we told you there was a single tool that measures ALL consumer conversations about your brand? Don’t believe us? Introducing TotalSocial – Make every conversation countTM – the world’s first measurement solution that integrates all consumer conversations.   An Industry First: Measuring Online and Offline Conversation Research shows word of mouth conversations drive 13% of consumers sales, but only one third of that comes from online activity. If your brand is focusing only on online buzz, you’re actually missing a big piece of the puzzle – two thirds to be exact! The TotalSocialTM measurement solution is an industry first, bringing together ALL conversations – online and offline – into a single tool that your brand can leverage to tap into the power of social influence.

June 22, 2016 by Wayne Friedman, MediaPost Although brand-related face-to-face conversations have declined somewhat in the face of digital media, word-of-mouth talk is still the dominant form of brand communication among consumers. In 2015, 72% percent of brand-related conversations came in the form of face-to-face talk — down from 77% in 2008, according to word-of-mouth marketing researcher Engagement Labs’ Keller Fay Group. Original article here.

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Our media environment is changing and there’s no denying it. While most brands are separating their marketing efforts for digital and traditional media, we’re seeing a clear blurring of the lines between the digital and offline worlds. The digital world is now dramatically impacting the offline world and if you’re a brand, you need an entirely new and holistic approach that bridges the online and offline divide. Engagement Labs and Keller Fay Group are pleased to announce the publication of our white paper “URL to IRL: How Digital Marketing Drives Conversation, Online and In Real Life.” Discussing all things online and offline conversation, this white paper covers: The impact of digital branded content on offline conversations How offline conversations remained resilient amongst growing digital conversations Where social media fits into

In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea of influencers with the publication of The Tipping Point, which introduced the marketing community to “The Law of the Few,” comprised of Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. “The success of any kind of social epidemic,” Gladwell argued, “is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.” More recently, in this age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, some marketers have begun to focus their influencer efforts on celebrities—people like Kim Kardashian and her tens of millions of followers or fans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook— whom they believe can influence people through their endorsements, especially via social media. But research proves that everyday people have significant value to marketers. They should be central to any influencer marketing

Engagement Labs Ranks the Top U.S. Beer and Liquor Brands Based on Social Media Performance and Word of Mouth Conversations TORONTO, ON – May 12, 2016 – Technology and data company Engagement Labs, released rankings on the top U.S. beer and liquor brands on social media and through word of mouth (WOM) conversations. The data consists of Engagement Labs’ proprietary eValue social media measurement tool and TalkTrack®, the leading measurement source of word of mouth conversations from the Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs company. “While beer and liquor brands do well reaching audiences on social media, engagement and retention are a key focus for these brands, as they aim to stay ahead of their competitors. Creating engagement strategies that encourage consumers to consistently interact with their channels, allows certain