Keller Fay are ‘the conversation experts’ in the UK.  We are the only research agency focused on measuring word of mouth and deeply understanding WOM dynamics, customer advocacy and influence.

TalkTrack® Britain is recognised as the prime source for insight into UK conversations about brands, products and services. TalkTrack® is the only brand tracking system focussed on holistic measurement of word of mouth – online, face-to-face and phone  –  so we can measure all brand buzz in whatever form or context it occurs.

TalkTrack® Britain is used by leading brands, agencies and media owners to enable them identify routes to driving brand advocacy via communications, CRM and other brand actions.

We also provide a wide range of custom research solutions and consult with our  clients to assist them in planning and executing effective word of mouth programmes as well as monitoring and evaluating their success.  We conduct custom research on a global basis and have widespread experience researching advocacy and influence across diverse markets and populations.

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