TalkTrack® Britain is the UK’s only tracking programme to measure offline, person-to-person brand conversations – such as telephone and face-to-face discussion – and provide insight into the nature and dynamics of brands’ social presence  in the UK. Based on TalkTrack®, we now know that more than 90% of UK word of mouth takes place offline, and that social media monitoring can produce incomplete and misleading signals about brand sentiment.

Interviewing a nationally representative sample of 26,000 UK consumers aged 16-69 each year, TalkTrack® measures over 250,000 conversations about brands annually, allowing for finely-grained time series tracking, plus detailed analyses for niche markets, across hundreds of brands in dozens of categories.

Feedback is collected on an open-ended basis and is linked to key quantitative metrics such as polarity (sentiment), recommendation,  references to media and advertising information sources, credibility and anticipated actions. A further benefit of TalkTrack® is the ability to overlay these powerful metrics with precise talker characteristics – demographics, media consumption and influencer profiles.

All major consumer categories are covered in TalkTrack®: automotive; children’s products; drinks (alcoholic and non); financial services; food & dining; health & healthcare; home & home products; household products; media & entertainment; personal care & beauty; shopping, retail & fashion; sports, recreation & hobbies; technology; telecoms; travel; utilities.

TalkTrack® Britain is used by leading agencies, advertisers and media owners to enable them to fully harness the power of word of mouth.

To find out more, contact us for a no-obligation consultation in which you can view examples of the fused data and learn how this tool can make all the difference in your marketing planning.