Word of mouth is proven to drive sales and increase marketing effectiveness.   But you can’t leave it to chance.  You need research to guide your strategy and assess the impact of your efforts.

Agencies that want to be at the forefront of delivering a powerful social strategy to their clients turn to Keller Fay.  We help inform new business pitches. For ongoing client engagements, our research is critical to the optimization and measurement of marketing and media plans.

Only Keller Fay provides a holistic view of word of mouth, both online and offline, to determine which categories and brands are being talked about, through which channels, the dynamics that drive word of mouth, the impact, and the relationship between media and WOM.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what our clients say about us:

um-logo“Keller Fay excels in a number of important metric categories which clearly distinguish it from other word of mouth or buzz trackers.  We have had great success harnessing Keller Fay data in our ad effectiveness models which attests to the insights this research can unleash.  Overall, Keller Fay has added greatly to our understanding of how and why WOM works and the valuable role advertising can play in this burgeoning consumer activity.”Graeme Hutton,
Group Partner, Research, SVP, UM