Conversation Catalysts® Influencer Segmentation Services

When it comes to conversation, not all consumers are created equal.  And nobody understands what makes influencers tick better than Keller Fay.  We literally wrote the book on the topic, with the publication of Ed Keller’s book “The Influentials.” Further, Ed Keller has been awarded a US patent for the development of a “system and method of identifying individuals of influence.”

Influencers are everyday consumers who stand out because they have large social networks, they regularly keep up with what’s new and emerging, and they are sought out by friends, family, and neighbors for advice and recommendations.  Their advice and recommendations has 4x as much impact as the advice from average consumers.

If you’re not actively engaging with influencers in your marketing and media, you are missing out on what might be your most important consumer segment.

Keller Fay’s Conversation Catalyst® influencer segmentation services help you to know where you stand in the conversation dynamics of this important constituency, and what you can do to unleash the power of their advocacy.

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