TalkTrack® fused to Nielsen TV Data


Reach People Engaged in Brand Conversations

As social media use increases, marketers need to identify people engaged in key brand and product conversations and effectively reach them, based on their TV viewing habits.

Key Benefits:

  • Market to consumers who are likely to talk about a brand by assessing their TV viewing behaviors
  • Maximize return on investment by allocating media spend to brand and category influencers
  • Link TV programming to consumers’ average weekly conversations about a specific category to provide an estimate of word of mouth “reach” for media planning

What is Nielsen TV/TalkTrack® Data Fusion?

Consumers trust testimonials and peer recommendations.  To make the most of advertising spend, markets should use this natural occurrence by focusing on reaching consumers who actively participate in discussion about their brand.

Keller Fay Group and Nielsen TV data work together to give marketers a unique tool to maximize the word of mouth reach of their messaging.

We enable clients to identify and deliver their ads to the audiences that are most engaged in conversations about their brands.  Marketers can also gauge word of mouth reach that TV programming earns to inform future planning.

How it works

We fuse Nielsen National People Meter data to Keller Fay TalkTrack® panel data using our standard and trusted techniques for data fusion to provide clients with a planning tool for reaching people who are talking about categories, brands and products.

The TalkTrack® survey conducted daily and updated to the fusion semi-annually, measures word of mouth activity around products, brand and categories both online and offline.

This fused data is loaded into NPOWER IMS Clear Decisions and other third party software for analysis of word of mouth data, at the program level, to provide clients with actionable insights into their brand influencers’ viewing behaviors.

To find out more, contact us for a no-obligation consultation in which you can view examples of the fused data and learn how this tool can make all the difference in your marketing planning.