Diary-assisted survey about a day’s conversations

  • Respondents first recruited to take notes on conversations in 15 categories over 24 hours
  • Brand/company names collected on open ended basis
  • Covers all forms of WOM: Face to face, phone, online

Representative sample of consumers 13 to 69

  • Participants re-contacted a day later to answer questions about brands talked about during past 24 hours
  • Sample drawn from largest online consumer panels
  • Demographically balanced to US Census
  • 700 interviews weekly; 3,000 per monthly; 36,000 annually

Size of Database

  • Over 30,000 conversational brand mentions per month
  • Nearly 400,000 brand mentions per year
  • Started June 2006; About 3 years in active database


  • Clients may elect to receive a flexible schedule of deliverables: semi-annual reports on word of mouth in their category; monthly update reports; “deep dive” reports on topics of interest in their category; etc. In addition, clients may elect to purchase access to their data via an online portal. Subscriptions are priced according to which deliverables are selected.

To find out more, contact us for a no-obligation consultation in which you can view examples of the data and learn how this tool can make a difference in your marketing planning.