Engagement Labs Announces Rankings of Top U.S. Financial Institutions Based on Online and Offline Conversations TORONTO, ON – Nov 4, 2014 – Technology and data company Engagement Labs (TSXV:EL), creator of eValue Analytics™, today released its ‘Total Social’ data rankings on the top U.S. banking institutions for both online and offline conversations. TD Bank, Regions Bank and PNC Bank show the greatest strength in building engagement with audiences both on social media and through offline word of mouth (WOM) conversations. Total Social combines Engagement Labs’ proprietary eValue social media measurement tool and TalkTrack®, the leading measurement source of WOM conversation from the Keller Fay Group, an Engagement Labs company. Top Ten Online Social Rankings of U.S. Banking Institutions – Six Month Comparison Source: Engagement Labs eValue™ 2015 rankings of U.S.

Brad Fay will be presenting with Maggie Merklin, senior vice president at Analytics Partners, at the Wharton Future of Advertising Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 21. The pair will present findings regarding the role of branded word-of-mouth and successful TV advertising campaigns. The focus will be understanding what, if any relationship, exists between the two channels. Newfound research and insights into WOM have demonstrated its influence on consumer sales, resulting in a burgeoning interest in WOM’s capabilities and the need to understand how it works. Established in 2008 as part of the SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, the Wharton Future of Advertising Program is the world’s preeminent center bridging leading academics, executives, entrepreneurs, and students for deeper insights, bolder innovation, and broader positive personal, organizational, and societal impact of advertising and marketing.

Guardian News & Media places high value on demonstrating its powers of influence as a news content provider as well as how influential and socially connected its audiences are. A significant area of importance are its mobile audiences, which have grown significantly over the past few years. Keller Fay has identified a clear relationship between mobility and social reach from its TalkTrack® study and other work — it’s common sense that people who go out a lot (whether it’s for work, family reasons or pleasure) have broader social networks and more conversations about all kinds of things. Could we also show that more mobile consumers also have a thirst for news, and hence that news brands are an attractive channel with which to reach ‘Mobile Influencers’? Indeed we could. Analysis of TalkTrack

Every day in America, there are 2.3 billion brand impressions via Word of Mouth. But you may be surprised to know that 21% of those are from Hispanics, according to Keller Fay Group’s TalkTrack®. What’s more, Hispanic Millennials engage in nearly 20% more brand talk than their non-Hispanic generation-mates. This is especially impressive when you realize that Hispanics only make up 17% of the population. This is a talkative group! How can advertisers and marketers tap into this conversation? Recently, I joined Univision’s executive vice president of Strategy and Insights, Roberto Ruiz, for a discussion about how Hispanics are powering word of mouth and how organizations can encourage more conversation about their brands. One of our noteworthy findings is that Hispanics talk more about advertising overall than non-Hispanics. They’re much

Target’s recent announcement that it would remove gender-based signage in its stores generated a storm of discussion. Likewise, Amazon reliably stirs up a constant stream of conversation, no matter if it’s about Prime Day, drones or its Dash button. Both companies are exceedingly good at getting people to talk about them. Earlier this year, S&P Capital IQ and USA Today analyzed the sales of the top retailers. It discovered that just 10 retailers collected more than two-thirds of all the revenue generated by publicly traded retailers in the S&P 1500. This is where it gets interesting. Based on our research, we know that word of mouth is often a leading indicator of sales performance. Thus, we decided to look at how this handful of retailers performed in our TalkTrack® Syndicated

Which Republican presidential candidates were the biggest winners on Facebook and Twitter pre and post last night’s GOP debate? The answer is Donald Trump on Twitter and Marco Rubio on Facebook. Trump managed to hold his top spot on Twitter, while Marco Rubio overtook his Republican competitors and came out number one on Facebook. This is according to e-Value™ from Engagement Labs, the social media analytics company with which Keller Fay recently merged. eValue™ is the global benchmark for social media scoring, leveraging more than 300 conventional social media metrics to provide a single comprehensive and benchmarked score for marketers, advertisers and broadcasters across the globe. To view the full analysis, click here.

The power of word of mouth (WOM) is unmatched in terms of consumer influence in the marketplace. It is proven to be a significant sales driver and amplifier of the effect of paid media. Brands that master the art and science of word of mouth have a significant strategic advantage. There’s one group taking the lead in all WOM conversations, engaging in far more brand talk than average — Hispanics. Join us for Univision’s next Hispanic 411 webinar on August 12 at 2 pm, where Roberto Ruiz, EVP of Strategy and Insights at Univision, and Ed Keller, CEO of the Keller Fay Group and President of Engagement Labs, will share insights and offer practical “how-to’s” for increased WOM engagement. Register Now for this Webinar! Date/Time: August 12, 2 pm-3 pm

The Combination of Engagement Labs and Keller Fay Gives Birth to “Total Social” Measurement — Developing a Singular Measurement of Online and Offline Social Conversations TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Jul 24, 2015) – Engagement Labs is pleased to announce that today it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the stock of Keller Fay Group, the global leader in measuring consumer brand conversations, with offices in New York and the United Kingdom. A key objective of the acquisition is to combine Keller Fay’s industry-leading offline word of mouth measurement with Engagement Lab’s industry-leading social media analytics and technology platforms. “We will offer an integrated point of view and one-stop-shop for clients seeking to understand how a brand’s customers and prospects are engaging with the brand and with each other. This unique

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is underway, and it’s capturing the attention of fans across the country. When the U.S. Women’s national team defeated Columbia on Monday, it was the third most-watched telecast ever on FOX Sports 1. We don’t find that surprising (we’ll tell you why in a moment), but Andy Benoit, a writer with Sports Illustrated, wasn’t among the viewers. His tweet last week saying women’s sports weren’t worth watching was deleted promptly, and an apology quickly issued. On Wednesday night, though, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers reunited to address the comment and discuss women’s sports in an update of their popular Saturday Night Live segment, REALLY? (See video below.) Seth points out (around the 3:40 mark) that 4.7 million people watched the US defeat Columbia, even though

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Even with the help of Taylor Swift appearing in commercials, Diet Coke no longer reigns as the nation’s No. 2 soda brand. Pepsi has retaken the second slot behind Coca-Cola. Ad Age, citing a recent report by Beverage Digest, says Diet Coke lost 6.6% volume in 2014, which dropped it to third place in terms of market share. This is attributed to consumers flocking less to diet drinks and as a result changing tastes and health concerns, according to the Beverage Digest report. Among the top 10 soda brands, diet brands performed poorly in comparison to regular brands. In addition to Diet Coke’s decline, Diet Pepsi — the seventh leading soft drink brand — lost 5.2% volume, the second biggest decline after Diet Coke. Fanta saw the biggest gain, shooting