Praise for The Face-to-Face Book

“Ed Keller and Brad Fay have tapped into the secret of becoming a must-have brand: It’s the word you spread in the real, rather than virtual, world that matters.” —Jean Chatzky, Financial editor of NBC’s Today show and best-selling author of Make Money, Not Excuses

“See why despite the hype, social media is not always so shiny and definitely no so new. The Face-to-Face Book is the real word-of-mouth book.”
—Jon Bond, CEO of Big Fuel and co-founder Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners

“Word-of-mouth is a topic all businesses should understand, and no one has better data on consumers face-to-face conversations than Ed Keller and Brad Fay. Before you jump on the social media bandwagon, be sure to read this book.” — Jonah Berger, The Wharton School

“This book is approachable and immediately applicable for the marketer who wants to understand the new consumer landscape. Keller and Fay shine a well-documented light on a new marketing model that reimagines social media and word-of-mouth at the enter of a Marketing mix. The book is filled with examples that inspire and demonstrate the link to business results.”
—Mark Addicks, SVP/Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills

“In a world being reshaped by technology, customers crave a sense of humanity–companies that exude a sense of values, brands that engage emotionally. In this important and timely book, Ed Keller and Brad Fay remind marketers, executives, and innovators of all kinds that the best way to get people talking about what you offer is to offer them something worth talking about. Yes, the Internet is changing everything. But if you want to make your organization more memorable, make it more human.” —William C. Taylor, Cofounder, Fast Company, Author, Practically Radical