With the holidays in the rear-view mirror, we take stock of the Word of Mouth (WOM) generated by consumers during the season.

The sad fact is that WOM across major consumer categories was down significantly during the 2013 holidays.  Overall, the largest category decline versus the 2012 holiday season was in retail/apparel, which includes department and discount stores along with big box retailers.  Other key categories, including tech and children’s products, also saw significant seasonal declines in WOM.

However, while the general trends were not favorable there were some clear brand winners this holiday season, along with WOM laggards.  The below presentation reveals the brands that saw the biggest increases in WOM, and those that saw their WOM drop versus a year earlier.

In the report shown above, we explore WOM over the holidays (November and December), including:  How did WOM during the 2013 holidays compare to 2012?  What were the hot holiday brands?  What brands lost WOM momentum compared to 2012?

WOM across major consumer categories was down compared to 2012. Retail/apparel, telecom and tech saw the biggest declines.  It was a mixed bag for key gift-giving categories; video game console WOM was up, while children’s clothing and toys were down. View above slide presentation to see who topped the ‘hot brand’ list for 2013 and who lagged last Christmas.