ibm_logo“IBM had the great fortune of having Ed Keller present at our Influencer Engagement Thought Leadership Series. His presentation and delivery was excellent. He inspired the participants and shared great insight about Social Marketing. Some of the comments from the attendees were, ‘Super Excited about attending’ and ‘Loving the session on, The Next Social Marketing Revolution’.

Ed was able to easily engage the audience and create an interactive session that answered all of their questions. He incorporate relevant research and highlighted important trends to support his points in the presentation. I would highly recommend inviting Ed Keller as a speaker to your Social Marketing event.”

– Anna Dreyzin, Education Program Manager, Influencer Engagement Discipline,
IBM Certified Learning Specialist


att-logo“AT&T has found Keller Fay’s TalkTrack very insightful for understanding what consumers are saying about our brand. We’ve found that word of mouth data is an important driver of our sales, and that TalkTrack can be used to understand what’s helping and what hindering customer acquisition and retention. It’s an important part of our marketing mix and critical to our marketing analytics.”

– Greg Pharo, Director, Market Research & Analysis, AT&T


cbs-black-logo_81_208“As interest in social TV has increased, the Keller Fay Group provides us with invaluable insight into the American conversation about TV and the advertisers we serve. What gets talked about on social media is fine, but it’s not enough. We want to know what the other 90% is doing. Keller Fay is unique in its ability to provide us with the complete picture. We value highly our partnership with them.”
– David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation, President, CBS Vision

logo-coke_81_208“Keller Fay’s TalkTrack study helped us put the online noise into its proper context and enabled us to analyze the Company and brand WOM through a holistic view, including online and offline buzz.”

– Seda Palaz Pazarbasi, Sr. Research Manager, Coca Cola


discovery-logo“I have worked with Keller Fay on several innovative and complex projects. My experience with them has always been positive, as they bring their best to all aspects of their work. Answering today’s challenging research questions requires creativity, thoroughness, teamwork and a commitment to excellence. The strong team at Keller Fay has delivered consistently on all of these requirements.”

– Beth Rockwood, SVP, Market Resources, Discovery Communications (And Council for Research Excellence)


espn-logo_81_208“For the last few years we have been frustrated by the limited, biased, and even negative “buzz” documented on the web. TalkTrack has opened up a powerful new option by unlocking the majority of dialogue enabling us to truly “listen” to American consumers. This has provided a clearer, more complete picture of what the majority are talking about – how they feel about our brand, the context in which they speak about our brand, and insights into emerging trends.”

– Artie Bulgrin, SVP Research and Sales Development, ESPN


generalmills-logo“Keller and Fay shine a well-document light on a new marketing model that reimagines social media and word-of-mouth at the center of a marketing mix.”


– Mark Addicks, SVP/ Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills


intuit-logo“Thank you to the Keller Fay Group for helping us elevate our customer insights and in-market experimentation to greater heights.  As a result of your research and the workshop you ran for us we are confidently taking our next steps with a deeper understanding of what is important to potential customers, who they are and what they are saying in their day to day lives.  Your expertise and partnership have been an enlightening piece of our journey in the rapidly growing world of word of mouth advocacy.”

– Alaina Maloney, Social Care Senior Specialist, Intuit
manning-gottlieb-logo“Manning Gottlieb OMD’s behavioural approach to communications planning unifies all disciplines around the shared view of how influential communication really works. Keller Fay insights provide us with a deep understanding of how influence and social voice manifest themselves in the real world, not just online – across many different client categories. We’re also committed to proving the value of our work via business and brand metrics, and TalkTrack provides clear demonstration of the effectiveness of our approach.”


– Alison Tsang, Head of Insight, Manning Gottlieb OMD


marketshare-logo“Our clients recognize the importance of measuring the impact of marketing along the consumer purchase journey. We have been able to use Keller Fay’s Talk Track to successfully measure the amplification of marketing through word of mouth and quantify the impact of offline brand conversations on sales.”


– Marc Vermut VP, Strategist, MarketShare


makemoney-notexcuses“Ed Keller and Brad Fay have tapped into the secret of becoming a must-have brand: It’s the word you spread in the real, rather than virtual, world that matters.”


– Jean Chatsky, financial editor of NBC’s Today show and bestselling author of Make Money, Not Excuses




“Ed Keller and Brad Fay are at the very front edge of the industry conversation about how to get consumer talking, and they are creating new wisdom on the subject every day.”


– Tony Cardinale, EVP Brand Planning and Strategic Insights, NBC Universal


News_UK-logo“Since we started using Keller Fay’s TalkTrack data it has generated a great deal of interest at News UK. We traditionally felt that our readers have plenty to say and that other people listen to their opinions, but with TalkTrack, we now have the ability to substantiate this view more robustly. The Keller Fay team have worked closely and collaboratively with us to promote the power of word of mouth influence more widely within the organisation and the benefits of this have been felt not only in the Commercial department but also across other areas of the business.”

– Sean Adams, Head of Insight, Commercial News UK


starcom-logo_81_208“We are proud and pleased to have been the first client of Keller Fay’s TalkTrack. TalkTrack provides us with a unique and invaluable perspective into all the channels that drive word of mouth advocacy for our clients – offline, as well as online. TalkTrack is a vital tool for delivering value to existing accounts and winning new business.”

nbsp;– Kate Sirkin, EVP, Global Director of Research, Starcom MediaVest Group


um-logo_81_208“Keller Fay excels in six metric categories which clearly distinguish it from other word of mouth or buzz trackers:


  1. Unequivocal WOM demographic profiles which cover 100% of the total sample without any modeling or assumptions.
  2. Robust sentiment scores which are both the most comprehensive and nuanced relative to any other industry sources.
  3. Media source of WOM is built into the database which provides direct line-of-sight on how media advertising and related promotions can help spur WOM.
  4. Ready-made market category measures enabling rapid comparisons and norms to be established for our brands.
  5. Influencers scores and norms are readily apparent for each market category.
  6. Visibility on how brand conversations build their virality across a consumer’s own network of family, friends, colleagues and other contacts.

We have had great success harnessing Keller Fay data in our ad effectiveness models which attests to the insights this research can unleash. Overall, Keller Fay has added greatly to our understanding of how and why WOM works and the valuable role advertising can play in this burgeoning consumer activity.”


– Graeme Hutton, SVP, Group Partner, Research, UM


wharton-school-logoContagious“Word-of mouth is a topic all businesses should understand, and no one has better data on consumers’ face-to-face conversations than Ed Keller and Brad Fay.”

– Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor, The Wharton School and author of best seller, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”.